Our Union

The Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union(NATAU) was established in 1988
under the umbrella of the National Union of the Namibian Workers (NUNW). Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union is a registered trade Union organising workers in the Transport Sector (Rail, Road, Air, Water), Aviation, Logistics and Security Sector.

  • To organize and unite all workers
  • To further group all members together
  • To strive for the betterment of the economic and social welfare
  • To encourage the settlement of disputes
  • To secure decent work and good standards of living

How we Structure

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Our Branches in Namibia

Khomas Karas Erongo Okavango-West Oshana

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Workers Education

Natau’s growth strategy is to provide ongoing education programmes to union members,

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable workers in Namibia’s Transport and Allied industries

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Our Vision

To have strong transport and related industries that provide decent jobs for

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Why be part of Us

Reasons to Join

The Namibia Transport and Allied Workers Union (NATAU) is a trade union in Namibia. It was founded in June 1989. NATAU is an affiliate of the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) and the International Transport Workers' Federation.

  • Better wages and benefits

    It’s proven that workers who are trade union members earn more than unionised workers. Trade unions use their collective muscle to bargain for better salaries, pensions, holidays, health insurance, sick pay, overtime and more. Trade unions hammer out negotiations with management to get the best possible deal for employees, so you don’t have to.

  • Personal Protection

    Unions have got your back. Not only can they tell you your rights, they will defend your rights. If your employer treats you unfairly, you can rely on support and expert representation from your union. A trade union rep is a trusted person to turn to when you’re unhappy at work or management is behaving badly. And, as the workplace is transformed by automation and robotics, trade unions are demanding training, lifelong learning and social protection for workers to transition to the new world of work.

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